Spring 2024

Teen Social Skills

Group Calgary

For Teens 15+

Space is Limited.

Why Consider a Social Skills Group for Your Teenager?


Self Confidence

Teens will have the opportunity to learn about themselves.

This group will be flexible to meet the needs of the participants while developing and practicing life skills each week.  Community outings will typically be part of this group.


Unlock Their Potential

Empower your teens confidence and social growth

In a supportive real-world setting, your teen will explore their true selves while practicing essential life skills. From building relationships to overcoming social anxieties, we're here to guide them every step of the way.


Stay Connected, Stay Informed

Be an active part of the journey

Our program provides informative sessions for parents.  Get a glimpse of the skills practiced, allowing you to actively support your teen's growth and progress. 

This course does not 'train' social skills or masking behaviors. Instead, we focus on supporting teens to engage in self-advocacy and perspective-taking, which are essential for forming healthy relationships with others. The course was designed with input from neurodivergent teens.


Participate in community outings

Use art to explore how social challenges have impacted their well-being 

Develop a “toolbox” that the teens can use to identify which regulation tool would work best for different situations

Identify personal strengths and how to use them in developing social connections.


Develop a “toolbox” that the teens can use to identify which regulation tool would work best for different situations

Communicate assertively while maintaining relationships

Identify resources available within their local community

Identify supports required by their teen to be successful


Support parents to gain an understanding of psychological and physiological responses that impact regulation

Provide parents with strategies to facilitate supportive communication with their teens

Learn strategies to support their teen to identify and build healthy relationships


FSCD has approved coverage of $1,100. For any inquiries regarding FSCD coverage, please direct them to your FSCD caseworker to determine eligibility.

As this program is developed & run by registered psychologists, your health benefits may cover some or all of the cost.  
Amount of coverage will be dependent on your plan.

Registration & payment must be received and confirmed by Feb 15th 2024.

Teen group meetup is every 2nd Wednesday starting March 6th and ending June 12th

Our Next Teen Social Skills Group in Calgary Starts in :

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Meet Your Facilitators

The relationship between you and your group facilitators is special and unique. You will be sharing
information in a group that is sensitive and personal. Your group facilitators are:

Bernadene (she/her)

Registered Psychologist

A proud parent of an Autistic teen who shows me everyday that even in a world not built for neurodivergent minds, children can thrive with the right opportunities and support.

Kelly (she/her)

Registered Provisional Psychologist

A believer that all individuals should have equitable access to mental health support that builds upon their strengths and is provided in a way that is less daunting and more achievable.


Once you fill out the form, we will be in contact to ensure this course is a good fit for your family. 
We can also answer any questions you might have.
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